Terry Davis, PharmD

Terry began his pharmacy career with Rea and Derick Drugs in Waynesboro, in 1983. He was the Assistant Store Manager as well as the lead pharmacist. He left in 1985 to work with Eakle’s Drug Store in Hagerstown, MD (later known as NCS Healthcare). During that time he was staff pharmacist and Clinical Director at the pharmacy serving nursing homes, hospitals and institutions. He also was a nursing home consultant and Psychiatric consultant to Brook Lane Health Services and the Jefferson School. He still serves Brook Lane as their consultant pharmacist, a facility served by Savage Family Pharmacy.

In 2001 he was brought back to Waynesboro by Rodger Savage to work at the new location of Savage Family Pharmacy. Dr. Davis holds a B.S. Pharmacy degree and Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Maryland. He has earned certificates in Immunization Delivery and Diabetes Management from the American Pharmacists Association.

He served as President of the Lunch Place board and Noah’s Ark Child Care board, both in Waynesboro and has also been involved with Waynesboro Human services. They have an adult daughter Emily and an adult son Alex.